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NEW! Liberty Lake Easy Listening

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No, it is not a new radio station featuring Josh Groban, Coldplay, and Manhattan Transfer. It is far less exciting than that and slightly more important.

The Liberty Lake Gazette has set up a web page to make it easy to find and listen to Liberty Lake City Council meetings and workshops. When video is available for a meeting you will also have the option to watch.

Stay up-to-date on local issues or go old school and listen to a 2016 classic. Either way you will be informed, educated, sometimes irritated, other times appreciative, but always thankful you didn’t have to sit through a live meeting. Feel free to listen any time you are in the mood. Suggested times to listen might be when trying to fall asleep, cooking, working out, gardening, or at work. It is best to avoid listening while operating heavy machinery or firearms.

Check it out here: https://libertylakegazette.com/video-library/