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BOLO: Missing Campaign Signs


Two days ago, we published a rant about the how unsightly campaign signs are in the community. Today, they are gone.

According to one city council candidate, Jeanette Nall, they have been stolen and they will be investigating.

While this ranter is happy to see them removed from the landscape; theft in our community is much worse that campaign clutter.

If any one has any information, please contact the candidates so they can take the appropriate action.



  1. I find this interesting because a few weeks ago one of Jeanette’s signs was placed in a resident’s yard in Rocky Hill without permission.

    The homeowner was really upset since, in addition to not having given permission, this homeowner didn’t even know who Jeanette is. The sign was immediately removed.

    Even more interesting is the fact that the sign appeared in the yard next door to someone displaying Odin Langford’s sign.

  2. Did the mystery of the missing signs get solved. It appears not only were the signs stolen (allegedly), but Jeanette Nall’s comment about the theft was stolen as well. Still glad they are gone, but would be interesting to know what is happening with signs appearing people’s yards and disappearing from others.

    • Brian, if signs do not have permits, are placed in the public right of way,
      Or are on private
      Property (even commercial private lots) without permission, the city or property owner can remove them. I am not saying this is the case – just a possibility.

      Also, During a county commissioner race about 5 or 6 years ago (after the political sign ordinance was updated) a now former council member and I routinely went on sign patrol and took any signage in the public right of way to city hall for the candidates to claim.

      Again, not the case here, at least not by me or anyone I know of.

  3. there is this thing called “The Internet”. It is really good for getting the word out. Campaign signs are obolete and wasteful. someone should campaign with that plank in their platform.

  4. Brian if you are going to claim to be reporting, you may want to ensure the accuracy of said reports. I stated that if they were removed without permission that was theft and would be investigated. They were not stolen and were returned to their rightful location. Hence the removal of my post regarding potential theft.
    Cris I have no knowledge of any of my signs being placed without permission. there was a sign that went missing…I certainly would not endorse one being placed without permission. Its concerning that as a council member you are reporting this here on this site rather that letting me know of your concern, so I could ensure no other such signs were placed intentionally or not.

    • I did not direct quote you. I paraphrased … theft = stolen and investigating = they will be investigating … It is the first thing you said.

      Give me a direct quote and I will issue a correction if that is not what you meant.

      While we are on the subject….
      Would like to comment on how you know where your signs are placed? And, are you the one who is placing them?

    • I am not the sign police. I would hope you know who is placing your signs and where. The resident still actually has the sign that was placed in her yard. It’s in her garage. I can provide the date that it happened if you need it

    • I know exactly who placed my signs and where they went (none were “placed ‘ in Rocky Hill). Your previous post certainly made you sound like you were policing the signs, didn’t you mention last election going around and pulling inappropriately placed signs? Cris, it seems clear your intent here was to lead people to believe my campaign is placing signs without permission. What I am saying, as an elected city official, if you believed that was the case the right thing to do would have been to let me know to ensure no other signs were “illegally” placed. I’d be happy pick up our missing sign, if the homeowner would care to contact me.

    • Jeanette Nall I have advised her to take it to City Hall. Yes, about 5-6 years ago there were a lot of violations after the ordinance changes and a couple of us picked them up and took them to city hall

      I do have other information that I will send you privately that will give you a darn good idea of who out the sign in that person’s yars

  5. You guys do realize this article is a hyperbole? If you had read the comments in the other posts you would see the tone. Mike and I were making jokes about it.

    They are just signs and if it was theft that sucks, but my first comment was what actually happened.

    Wouldn’t have been the first time at that location. There was a report of a Kiwanis garage sale sign stolen from that same spot over the summer.

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