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Public Pool in Liberty Lake, Statement by Mayor Pro Tem

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Pools have been on the mind of Liberty Lake residents for many years. Some in favor and others against a public pool (or two) in the city.

According to Liberty Lake mayor, Steve Peterson, there are plans to present the idea of two pools in Liberty Lake. One on the north side of the freeway and the other on the south. (source: Phone call with Brian Cuda on July 25, 2017)

Statements like these have the anti-pool people concerned. Many have expressed that concern with Facebook posts and with comments at the September 5th, 2017 city council meeting.

However, the city council claims there are no official plans or discussions on adding a pool to the community.

Mayor pro tem, Shane Brickner, stated before the start of citizen comments on Sept 5th:

We as a council have had no discussions about pools and what we are going to put where. We haven’t discussed it in detail. There has been some conversations about what to do with different properties as a whole and to put some funds toward what that might look like and what that might be. So, I wanted to put that to rest.